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Holiday Pet Safety

As we celebrate the season it is important to remember the well-being of our pets. Here are some tips to help keep your furry friends safe, healthy and happy this holiday.

  • Many holiday plants such as holly, mistletoe and poinsettias can lead to health problems in dogs and cats. Be sure to keep them out of reach. If you suspect that your pet has eaten something toxic, call your veterinarian and/or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center immediately at 1-(888) 426-4435.

  • Anchor the Christmas tree to the ceiling or wall to keep it from falling on pets.

  • Do not let pets drink the holiday tree water. Some may contain fertilizers, and stagnant tree water can harbor bacteria. Check labels for tree water preservatives and buy only those that are nontoxic. Never put aspirin in the tree water. The aspirin laced water could pose a very serious threat to your animal’s health.

  • Avoid using tinsel and toxic decorations. Pets, particularly cats, can be tempted to eat tinsel, which can block the intestines.

  • Cords and plugs of holiday lights and other fixtures can look like chew toys to pets. Tape down or cover cords to help avoid shocks, burns or other serious injuries.

  • Keep ornaments out of reach of pets. Ornaments often look like toys to a curious animal. Ingestion of an ornament can result in a life-threatening emergency. Shards from broken glass ornaments can injure paws.

  • Childrens toys often contain small plastic pieces and are common causes of choking and intestinal blockage in dogs. Ingested plastic or cloth toys must often be removed surgically. Be sure to keep them out of the reach of curious pets.

  • Keep candles on high shelves and never leave burning candles unattended. One swipe of a dog’s tail could result in disaster.

  • Do not let guests feed your four-legged friends human food. There are many holiday foods, including fatty meats, gravies, poultry skin, bones, chocolate and alcohol that can cause illnesses from vomiting and diarrhea to highly serious toxic reactions.

  • Holiday guests and other festivities can be very stressful and even frightening to pets. Make sure pets have a safe place to retreat to in your house. Reduce stress by keeping feeding and exercise on a regular schedule.


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Upcoming Events

Come see us at the Cumberland Winter Farmer’s market - Fridays from 10am until 2pm. The market is located at Skillins Greenhouses on Route 100 in Cumberland.

We will be participating in several holiday fairs & markets during December.

  • Blue Point Church Christmas Fair - December 5th 9-2pm - 236 Pine Point Rd, Scarborough.
  • Allen Sterling & Lothrop - December 12th 10-2pm – Route 1, Falmouth.
  • Annual Yule Market - December 18th 4-7pm - Skillins Greenhouses, Route 100, Cumberland

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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