Dog Parks

Dog parks provide an excellent opportunity for dog--dog socialization as well as dog--people socialization. They offer your pet both physical and mental exercise and also allow opportunities for owner socialization and education. You can meet other dog oriented people and even arrange doggie play dates.

Disadvantages include potential danger from aggressive dogs and potential exposure to parasites and disease. Unfortunately, some owners will not be educated enough about their dogs to know if a park is appropriate for their dog.

Basic park etiquette:

  • Never leave your dog unattended. Watch your dog carefully and at the first sign of trouble, intervene.

  • Pick-up after your dog.

  • Do not bring your dogs favorite toy into the park. Some dogs will attempt to protect this valuable item.

  • Don’t ever bring a dog under 4 months of age. Dogs should be enrolled in a basic training course before being allowed toplay in this setting.

  • Don’t allow a dog to bully another dog.

  • Remember you are liable for any damages your dog may do to another.

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