Dog Toys

Dogs love to play. So, what are the best dog toys?

There are many different options. There are dog toys for big league chewers, plush or fabric toys which often make intriguing sounds and interactive toys that require the dog to use their problem solving skills. There are also toys for outside play that involve exercise for both the dog and the owner. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites:

Organic and Eco-friendly Dog Toys

This is our favorite category. These toys are made using natural organic fabric, recyclable materials and non-toxic dyes. With reduced toxicity and allergens they are better for your dog and better for the environment.

West Paw Indestructable Dog Toys

West paw design are designed to be 100% recyclable and create virtually no waste during the manufacturing process. This seems to be the old stand by for Java, our little destruction machine. She goes into her toy box every so often, pulls out the hurley bone and drops it at dad’s feet for a little tug/wrestling match action. It’s got good resistance to provide her with a nice jaw workout, yet she hasn’t managed to break any pieces off of it. It does seem to be indestructible. The disk is kind of like a frisbee and great to toss for fetch in the back yard.

Interactive & Treat Dispensing Toys

Interactive dog toys provide multiple benefits. They keep your dogs busy while allowing them to develop their problem solving skills.

Kong Toys

Kong toys are nearly indestructible. We love the kong classic bell shape and the Kong extreme goodie bone, or should I say Java and Thumper love them. We stuff a good portion of their meals into the classic bell shape. This allows them to “work” at getting their dinner out while at the same time slowing down the pace of eating. Thumper used gulp his food instead of a chew it. This behavior can lead to much air in the stomach and increase the chances of the stomach twisting.Kongs can also be stuffed with a peanut butter or a cheese concoction and frozen to keep your dog busy while you are out.

The Kong extreme goodie bone is great for snack time.You can stuff the ends with a little peanut butter coated treats and watch your dog work at figuring out how to get the goodies

Air Kong Toys

Air Kong toys are another favorite in our household. They are just like pure tennis balls. They float and are great in the snow as well as on the beach and in the water. Our dog thumper is a big tennis ball guy and a huge fan of these toys.

Booda Soft Bite Hedgehog & AKC Toys

These work great for the more gentle chewers. Some are soft and plush, and sometimes double as a little pillow for Java. Thumper is ever so gentle with these toys, he doesn’t even bite down enough to make it squeak. It is important to supervise your dog when he or she is playing with this type of toy. If your dog disembowels the toy the stuffing and squeaker pose a danger to the dog and must be taken away. Another plus is that the AKC toys are made with recycled materials.


Nylabones are great because they are very durable and provide many hours of happy chewing. The chewing helps scrape plaque off the dog’s teeth while keeping them entertained.

Fire Hose Tug and Fetch Toy & Tuffies Logs

These work well for outdoor tugs between two dogs and also make a good toy for fetching out of the pool since they float and are easy to grab.

Egg Babies

These have worked well with the dogs that like to disembowel their toys. Since the “eggs” fit in hole designed into the toy they seem to think they’ve done their job when they get all the eggs out.

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