Ways to Help Animals

With our economy in turmoil, families including their pets are struggling. Looking for a way to help? In the spirit of giving why not reach out to your local shelter or rescue group, and help a deserving homeless and needy pet. After all animals ask so little of us, yet give so much in return. Below are some ideas to get you started.

  • Do you often give gifts to a fellow animal lover? This year donate to that person’s local shelter or favorite rescue group in his/her name.

  • Dog or cat food and supplies are always needed. When you are out doing your shopping why not pick up an extra item or two to donate. Contact your local shelter for a copy of their "wish list". Get the kids involved. Take your kids to the shelter to deliver the "gifts".

  • Host a holiday party in your home or at work on behalf of your local shelter. Ask everyone to bring an item from the shelter’s wish list.

  • Does your family draw names for holiday gifts? Ask for volunteers to withdraw their names and substitute pet’s names from the local shelter. The person who draws a pet’s name can buy food or other much needed supplies and deliver items to the shelter.

  • Conduct a garage sale. We all have items we’d like to get rid of. Set up a community sale and ask neighbors to donate. All proceeds from the sale would be donated to a local shelter or rescue group.

If your plate is already too full, remember the need is ongoing. Doing good for others always adds meaning to our daily life. The homeless and needy pets in your area will be very grateful!

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