Thumper's Thoughts for January

Ahh…..winter in Maine. As a golden retriever originally from the south, you’d think I wouldn’t like the snow, but I love it! The only trouble I seem have with the snow is when dad and I play fetch. I live to chase balls you understand, so when dad throws a snowball for me and I get to the spot it landed and start to dig, I can’t ever seem to find the snowball. Oh well, it’s plenty of fun all the same. I don’t really feel so bad since my sister Java can’t seem to find them either and she likes to think she’s the smarter one.

During cold weather like this dad usually limits my playtime outside to shorter periods since the snow starts to build up in the pads of my feet and I get cold. Even though I have a built in fur coat my dad thinks it’s a good idea for me to wear a warm jacket when its really cold and we go outside to play or on a walk. At first I didn’t really like the idea of wearing anything, but I eventually got used to it. Besides people we meet on our walks seem to think I look cute in my jacket, and give me a few extra hugs and smooches. Until next time……..stay warm