Toxic Foods for Dogs

While it is a myth that the food we eat is bad for dogs. Some foods we eat are not safe and can be toxic to dogs. These foods include the following and should be avoided.

  • Chocolate, coffee, tea and soda - Contain caffeine which can be toxic and affect the heart and nervous system.

  • Macadamia nuts - Contains an unknown toxin which can affect the nervous system, digestive system and muscles.

  • Grapes and raisins - Contain an unknown toxin that can damage the kidneys

  • Mushrooms - Contain toxins which affect several systems in the body and can cause shock and death.

  • Onions - Contain sulfoxides and disulfides which can damage blood cells and cause anemia.

Click here for a more comprehensive list of foods to avoid.

No matter how carefully you dog proof your home, poisoning is a possibility. It's important to have emergency numbers posted somewhere in your home. These numbers should include your local vet, local 24 hour animal emergency clinic and the phone number for the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center - 1-888-426-4435 or 1-800-548-2423. (There may be a charge for this service)

Make sure everyone in the household knows where to find the numbers. Always seek help immediately if you suspect that your dog has ingested something toxic or potentially toxic.

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